Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

  • Create a Starting Character of either Dragonblooded (preferred), Lunar, Sidereal, Solar. Character should be less than 50 years old.
  • Character must be based in either the Blessed Isle or a Realm Controlled Territory (except the Imperial City). Characters can not be in the same location.
  • Character must be pragmatic enough to work with Dragonblooded/Anathema. Your character must be wiling to participate in an Eclipse Oath
  • Celestial Characters must be passing as mortal.
  • Character must be part of the conspiracy to control the Scarlet Throne.
  • Character must care about the fate of the Realm. No Lookshy Spies or any other character that just wants to watch the realm burn.

Other Character Creation Notes

  • All Characters regardless of splat will be using the Solar Bonus Points table on page 85 in the Ex2 core Book.
  • All Character regardless of splat will be using the Solar XP table, on page 274 in the Ex2 Core Book.
  • All Backgrounds will be rewarded by the ST based on your letter writing.
  • Sidereal Character Astrology College Ratings will be based on their Ability Score in the college's corresponding ability.
  • Sidereals will get one free Scope 2, Duration 3 (10 years), Endurance 3 Resplendent Destiny at Character Creation. Any Additional Resplendent Destinies will require Astrology Rolls.
  • Lunar Knacks will cost 10 XP per Knack with a 1 Month Training time.
  • Lunars get two animal forms in addition to the totem form at character creation without buying the Heart's blood Background. (Free one point Heart's Blood Background)
  • Dragonblooded may buy backgrounds up to four without spending Bonus points.
  • Solars, since they are not fresh from the Jade Prison, do not have First Age Past Life Memories to draw from.

If you wish to join the game, do the following:

  1. Fill out the spoilered questionaire on your potential character(s). If you don't know something, you can leave it blank
  2.  If playing a Celestial Exalt, have a secondary Dragonblooded Concept. If the game grows too Celestial Heavy, we will switch to all Dragonblooded to make things fair.
  3. Create a Ex2 character based on starting character rules. Use the 2.5 Adjusted Character Creation in Scroll of Errata pg. 7. Post a pdf of the character sheet linked to google drive or some other cloud storage. You can use an Anathema Character Sheet or one of Mr. Gone's Interactive PDFs.

Character Concept: One Sentence Summary of your Concept
House/Faction/other organizational membership:
Motivation: I'll let you adjust this over the course of the first few letters.
Backstory: Where does your character come from? How did they Exalt? What is important to them? How did they get to their current location? Any other backstory information

Inportant NPCs:
Strongest Attribute:
Weakest Attribute:
Strongest Skills:
Other Details: Anything else you want us to know about your character?

Character Creation Rules

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