Whispering Twilight

Scheming Sorcerer


Name: Whispering Twilight
Character Concept: Scheming Sorcerer
Backup Concept: Officer in a recalled legion / Ledaal Darino
Location: Arjuf
Splat: Solar
Aspect/Caste: Twilight
House/Faction/other organizational membership: Member of the 12th Legion,
Motivation: Rescue the realm by usurping the power into a celestial exalt friendly/controlled regime.

Backstory: After escaping the wyld hunt sent after him, Whispering Twilight was determined to seek revenge one day on the Realm. Years passed as he made a living on the run from potential hunters. Witnessing enemies of creation both internal and external, he swore to do all in his power to prevent creation from being destroyed.
When he heard of the massive recall of legions from the threshold he sensed the Realm`s weakness and seized the opportunity. Swiftly locating a legion being recalled he installed himself as the manservant of a skilled and promising officer with good ties to the general. This legion has been stationed outside of Arjuf since making landfall in the Realm…

Ally 3 – Ledaal Darino – Promising officer with close ties to the general of the 11th Legion
Resources 2 – Manservant Salary
Contacts 2 – 12th legion

Important NPCs: Ledaal Darino – Officer in the 12th Legion, General of the Legion, Dragonlords, Important characters in Arjuf and the leader of House of Bells.
Strongest Attribute: Intelligence, Manipulation
Weakest Attribute: Strength
Strongest Skills: Occult, Presence

Whispering Twilight

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