Quelaana Ferem

Theatre Troupe Martial artist


Name: Quelaana Ferem
Character Concept: Theatre Troupe Martial artist
Location: Cheraki (For now)
Splat: Dragon-Blooded
Aspect/Caste: Wood
House/Faction/other organizational membership: House Ferem, Magistracy, Theatre Troupe
Motivation: Bring Cherak to its True Glory
Backstory: I tend to create Backstory through play so I’ll say what I have for now: Quelaana knows Dreaming Pearl Courtesan From her God Mentor, is a Double agent for Cheraki and the Magistrate (Dark secret 5), Runs a Theatre Troupe for money and Spy/Magistrate work. Quelaana tends to travel a lot but will start at her Hometown for now.

Backgrounds: Breeding 3, Resources 3, Mentor 2 (God of Theatric Fighting), Manse 1 (Prism of focused Passion), Artifact 2 (Jade Bracers/ Silken Armor), Family 1 (Ferem Helkar),
Connections 2 (Magistracy/Intelligence), Henchmen 2 [Mai:Performance (Theatre assistant/Actor), Rei:Stealth (Fly on the wall), Yuuta: Craft (Prop Master)], Backing 4 (Theatre Troupe)
Important NPCs: Hideki Peleps (Magistrate Spymaster), Hymn of Solace (God mentor of Theatric Fighting)
Strongest Attribute: Dexterity, Charisma
Weakest Attribute: Perception, Intelligence
Strongest Skills: Martial arts, Performance
Other Details: Because I used the immaculate martial artist template I don’t have much of anything supernatural outside of combat so my first couple letters might be bloody. I almost made my Mentor Five Days Darkness but he’s too much Devil’s deal for a game like this.

Quelaana Ferem

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