Nellens Ryo

Conflicted Bureaucratic Spy


Name: Nellens Ryo
Character Concept: Conflicted Bureaucratic Spy
Location: Imperial City, Blessed Isle
Splat: Solar
Aspect/Caste: Eclipse
House/Faction/other organizational membership: Thousand Scales
Motivation: Increase acceptance of Celestial Exalts in the Realm
Backstory: Ryo has risen high in the Thousand Scale despite his best efforts to avoid attention. One can not hide brilliance.

Backgrounds: Contacts, Allies, Backing
Important NPCs: Gateway playing friend (totally not a Sidereal), Wife, Wife’s Dragonblooded Lover, Two School Aged Children, Pet Cat
Strongest Attribute: Charisma
Weakest Attribute: Strength. This is not going to be a combat character.
Strongest Skills: Bureaucracy, Larceny, Linguistics (Forgery), Socialize, Stealth (No presence)
Other Details: Ryo and his wife have reach an understanding in their political marriage. They raise their children and politely ignore each other’s activities. Saveria is starting to regret this agreement.

Nellens Ryo

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