Ledaal Catala Akashan

Transhuman-Terrestrial Artificer


Name: Ledaal Catala Akashan
Character Concept: Transhuman-Terrestrial Artificer
Location: Imperial City
Splat: Dragonblooded
Aspect: Air
House/Faction/other organizational membership: Heptagram, Catala branch family
Motivation: Use artifice to break the limits of the Terrestrial condition and gain the capability to solve the problems of the Realm
Backstory: Had Akashan been born to anyone but terrestrials of the finest breeding it is likely he would have been exposed to the elements and left to die. He was small, sickly, and early; barely able to take his first breath. Yet his aspect markings were as plain as his deficiency. Confronted with the possibility of an exaltation his family decided to take the risk. House Ledaal traded many favors and payed dearly for the sorcerous and celestial aid necessary to ensure his survival yet they also learned a great deal about medicine and recovered or reinvented many shogunate techniques in the process. He grew up to be healthy enough, if not the fittest. When he exalted, also early, it seemed the dragons had vindicated the choice to save him.

Akashan knows that the Terrestrial host, as a body, is the most powerful force for stability and security in Creation. Yet his associations with the Sidereals and reports of the singular power of the Anathema has convinced him that the Blood of the Dragons must be supplemented if the Realm is to weather the challenges of the coming turn of the age. His particular interest is in artifice, especially prosthetics capable of enhancing the already formidable power of the Exalted.

Backgrounds: Artifact, Manse,
Inportant NPCs: Ledaal sorcerers and artificers (the best, and most expensive in the Realm), Catala archaeologists and Threshold researchers (renown for recovering lost lore and wonders), Ledaal Kes (one of the greatest spymasters, artificers, and gateway players in the Realm)
Strongest Attribute: Intelligence
Weakest Attribute: Stamina
Strongest Skills: Craft, Occult, Lore, Bureaucracy
Other Details: Makes extensive use of biomagitech

Ledaal Catala Akashan

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