Hymn Of Solace

Celestial God of Theatric Fighting


Easily Distracted, Keeps Tabs on Exalted that interest him, Knows of Sidereals but won’t reveal them unless the person already knows.

God of Fourth rank (pg. 124-126 Yu-Shan)

Mentor of Ferem Quelaana

Styles Known: Dreaming Pearl Courtesan, Silver-voiced Nightingale

Panoply: Can temporarily learn a hero style in battle if thematically appropriate to facing his foe. The following list he can choose from is: Solar, Throne shadow (students are considered shadow fingers), Lunar, and Terrestrial. May be considered an exalt of that type if he forgoes being able to use his other 2 styles for purposes of that hero style.


Looks almost human when he’s not moving or talking, for when he does sounds and smells that fit the atmosphere of the situation enhance what he is doing.

Is often not around because of how busy he is, is juggling multiple students from around creation.

Despite being a more martial deity, Hymn of Solace actually works in the Journeys and Serenities division.

Would love to help/teach a renegade abyssal because it’d be cool and he could add dark messiah to his list of hero styles for his panoply.

Hymn Of Solace

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