Fulminous Heart

Mentor of Akashan's Jadeborn Friend


A somewhat stunted old Artisan, his skin is quartzite with copper yantras tattooed all over to protect him from the casual violence of his home. While some whisper that he is nearly a worker, his magic and craftsmanship silence all but the most malicious.


If Fulminous Heart ever had another name, no one bothers to remember it.

The Fulminous Heart is an ancient and powerful manse dating back to the primal ages of the world. It is a great underground pillar of jade and quartz through which numerous telluric currents twist like a braid of serpents. Their lashing discharges have hollowed out a glassy chamber around the heart which the Jadeborn have adorned with cupric runes and galvanic mandalas which channel its fury into useful purposes.

The Artisan who resides there has done so for so long that he is almost one with the place as far as the popular perception goes. He is the master of the manse and it will accept no other, a fact darkbrood and unwary jadeborn have learned to their ruin or death.

Under his careful guidance, raw materials are reduced to hot vapor and lightning welded back into solid form, a process which grants precision and speed far beyond what traditional artifice allows at the cost of terrible risk to those who do not fully understand what they do.

Fulminous Heart

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