Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Resplendent Water - Nellens Ryo

The Third Day of Resplendent Water, RY 767
Imperial City, Blessed Isle

Dear friends,

Since my last letter, I have taken up the responsibility of the Spiral Alumni Association chairman. After being harassed yet again for another donation, I decided to attend this month’s meeting. What I found was a bureaucratic nightmare. You would expect graduates of the Realm’s premier school on the Organizational Arts to be able to manage a simple social club.

Ryo goes on about the failings of the Alumni Association’s Executive committee. Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following…

I don’t know how these things happen to me. I just attended one meeting and they put me in charge. Insane.

Aisa, yesterday I sent Zara off to you. I trust you to keep my daughter safe and out of trouble. I hear your grandmother is putting together a ball. All the eligible bachelors of good breeding are on the guest list, if my sources are correct. I believe the ball will be used as an opportunity for other political maneuvering besides marriage alliances. Cathak Cainan himself is rumored to attend. 

Quelana, fears of a possible slave revolve have reached the Imperial City. This may be why a Cynis Elder is being sent your way. I imagine house Cynis was trying to keep the situation quiet, but now the entire Imperial City is worried about their Northern exports. The popular notion is the Roseblack and her legions should put down any rebellion. Among the war hawks, Tepet Ejava needs to prove she has the jade fist to handle uppity slaves before she can even consider taking the throne. 

Carmela, I fear that you were the true target of the assassination attempt instead of the magister. A clumsy attempt to assassinate a Magister in front of his guards and troops seems doomed to fail. A clever attempt to discredit the Fire Aspect making best use of the Deliberative Funding Initiative seems more likely. Someone wants the Pahua Basin destabilized. I will send a letter to my wife to see if she knows of any happenings you and I are unaware of.

If someone wants the Pahua Basin destabilized, I fear my little speech at the Deliberative may have attracted attention. Shu and I came home to find our house ransacked. Yes, Aisa, I keep meaning on increasing the security of my house, but I keep putting it off. If you could talk to your elemental and see who broke into my house, I’d be grateful. 

As far as I can tell, nothing was taken ( Fortunately, I don’t have any physical evidence of my Exaltation, though Titus jokes about gifting me an Orichalcum letter opener one day. These letters are kept in my office mixed in with the rest of my correspondence. It will take longer than a Dragonblooded lifetime to comprehend both my filing system and sort through the large quantity of mail I receive. 

I did managed to recruit my father-in-law, Ragara Amado, into assisting me with the Spiral Alumni Association ( He was appalled at the state of the organization as I was. I imagine the situation stirred his pride as an instructor of the Spiral. 

Stay safe my friends. Trouble is brewing all around us.