Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Resplendent Water - Ferem Quelaana 2

Resplendent Water, 5, Year of Our Realm 767
Amber River, North

Salutations friends,
Apparently I’ve become a minor celebrity amongst Realm mercenaries for my plays.

The Rest of the letter goes on to describe how being minorly famous has changed her daily routine in Amber River. Members of the conspiracy will read the following.

I’ll start off with that I did finish that play inspired about my Uncle Helkar and invited him to watch. At the end he told me he liked it and that the immaculates that forced the Lunar into hiding never stopped pestering my Uncle. Using a pestering of my own I found out they suspected the man of conspiring with the Lunar he called the Wyld hunt on. I’m not sure how he knew but I stumbled upon Darkest Dawn and he would not accept my plan of a scape lion. I’ll spare you the details and say we ended up ambushing them and Darkest Dawn can really take a punch.

The bout of business was me making sure this alleged assassin didn’t get Roseblack and an assassination attempt did come. Seemingly, a severely mortal wounded Roseblack and then ran away to eventually be caught in an ally way for a knife to catch his heart (not me or Angora whom was also with me). Turns out the Bookdealer (turns out he actually deals in art) was the actual culprit and I managed to catch him with a timely thrown rope dart. What happened next is a series of odd events I never saw coming. Not only did this art dealer claim that he had never truly wanted to assassinate Roseblack, but that Angora was Roseblack the whole time! Roseblack did confirm that Angora ever existed with one of her sorcerers was casting a disguise spell on her. The Art dealer Vanished out of thin air after also telling us there still a true assassin waiting somewhere out here. The Silver Lining is we’re talking to each other more plainly now.

Since the Cynis army also loves my work, spreading empathy to the citizens of amber River wasn’t actually all that hard since I already had a play about “The Fifty First Hearts” designed to get people talking about the slave issues to begin with. This is more of a measure to weaken morale and make the poor Cynis troops stuck in this from making this too bloody if we can stand our ground.

Aisa, your plan pretty much falls into place with what I was already planning. I presume land is more of a starting negotiation thing instead of an ultimatum. I was already planning on taking a large sum of Amber River’s treasury and giving it to the Realm to show they’ll still be getting the money that makes most of them care about the north at all. If I can spare the elder to smooth relations I will but no promises.

Finally, I was trying to spread some anti-slavery Propaganda (most of it was true) when a radical new idea came about. I think it was being called communism or something. Somehow along the way Rei and I stumbled upon a Yozi cheese cult that was trying to make Malfean cheese to create Sympathy for demons. Not only does infernal essence instantly make cheese inedible, but there were a few inept demons that took on the qualities of cheese. I gave them a warning and let them be. I eventually followed the Pamphlets afterwards to a massive gathering talking about how everyone was sick of Dragon-blooded leadership. Had I left them to continue pondering there could’ve been a massive third movement. Luckily I was there with strong rhetoric and compassion to steer their frustration to my goals of a greater “slave” coast.

Next month the Revolt is surely to reach its climax. If this ends up to be my last letter, be sure that Roseblack is sure to follow my stead soon with so many dangerous players up here.

“A very fancy Signature of Ferem Quelaana is here”