Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Resplendent Water - Ferem Quelaana

Resplendent Water 4, RY 767

The following is a brochure about Quelaana's theatre playing in Amber River and where they'll be setting up

I greatly appreciate the concern my friends. I will admit things have been going faster than I'd hoped. Turns out when money is involved people get violent fast. In honesty, I would be more tolerant of slavery if it wasn't executed in such an appalling way up in the north. This is literally pseudo-lobotomizing your workforce with opium and whomever is left with a will is left to tear each other apart. These are not prisoner's of war or guild bought slaves but the very citizens of the satrapies that serve the realm. Surely you could drum up some sympathy as to why Revolts of this nature will continue until the system of this slavery is changed. I'd prefer it shattered to the ground instantly but if it needs to be slow so be it.

As for things other than abolitionism, any supplies or manpower would be greatly appreciated. Stopping trade with the realm is not what the ongoing slave rebellion is about. In fact, the sheer amount of drugs used to coax people isn't nearly as profitable as is claimed. Interesting as to the only ones making any real money off of this system is the Cynis even though they don't own any of the satrapies. 

Speech over,
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