Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Resplendent Water - Cathak Titus

Resplendent Water 7, RY 767

Dear Mnemon Aisa,

Thank you for speaking with me during your grandmother’s party. My grandfather was quite impressed with your pose, intelligence, and beauty. He would like me to ask permission to court you. While I have not received the blessings of the Immaculate Dragons, I feel like I would make a suitable husband in the following ways:

The rest of the letter goes on to list Titus’ various professional accomplishments. This reads more like he is applying for a job than a courting letter. The rest of the conspiracy will see the following:

These past two months have been absolute shit. So many things have gone ass crazy I don’t know where to begin. Let’s start from the beginning.

First, someone told my great grandfather, Cathak Cainan about my future Exaltation. Up until this point, I have spoken to my grandfather a total of five times. So when I was called into his office, I was expecting the worse: marriage. While I do enjoy female companionship, I have no desire to set up a household with anyone. I had hoped Saturn would get off her ass and Exalt me before we reached this point. 

Instead, my grandfather congratulated me on my future Exaltation. I got a stern lecture on keeping it a secret from him, but he understood the need for secrecy. Grandfather wishes to bring me into his councils, so he could teach me as much as he can before he forgets about me. While he droned on about his views on the current state of the Realm, I was relieved. I had gotten in close to the man with great influence on who sits next on the Scarlet Throne. 

As I sat there scheming on how to turn the situation to our conspiracy’s advantage, I heard the dreaded M word: marriage. My grandfather wishes me to marry quickly and father an heir before I exalt. My bloodline is an experiment for him. He believes the Dynast lines are lacking certain qualities. Qualities that could still be found in the Lost Eggs of the Threshold. I offered a compromise. I don’t need to marry anyone to produce an heir. This suggestion lead to a long morality lecture about producing bastards. 

In my time with my grandfather, I realized the primary quality he is looking for in an Empress is Piety. All the other potential heirs show the ability to gather power and wield it to their advantage. But none have showed the strength of character needed to sit on the Scarlet Throne. Aisa, start attending Immaculate Services. They may be tedious, but my grandfather will be impressed. I know the Heptagram has a small temple without a monk. You can ask my grandfather for a recommendation on a monk to assign there. I’ll try to make sure the monk isn’t someone who would piss of the sorcerers too much. 

Sidereal politics… I had hoped to avoid a discussion on those, but the Gold Faction causing shit, I have no choice. There are two political factions: Bronze, which supports the Realm (a good thing), but also supports the genocide of Solars and Lunars (a bad thing). They are in chaos since the death of their leader. I imagine Mnemon’s spymaster is taking advantage of this. The Gold Faction works to bring down the Realm to bring back some mythical golden age where Solars ruled. Yet every Solar they “help” dies not long after in some stupid crusade to take over Creation. I’ve protected Ryo and Whispering Twilight from detection in what small ways I could. I believe these “Golden Cranes” are calling cards from Gold Faction operatives. I do not like how close the Gold Faction is getting to the conspiracy members. I do not know Golden Cranes’ purpose yet, Carmella and Quelaana but I will ask my mentor. 

Politically, my teacher and I are Independents. We do not give a fuck about the Factions’ little political games. We want Creation to be stable. Unfortunately, the Factions do give a fuck about us. Aisa, your news is a shit cherry on top of this whole situation. I do not like being used against my teacher. I will have to find time to discuss things with him. I hope I will not have to reveal this conspiracy when I do. My mentor will not be pleased with my “meddlings” here. 

Another thing, Arcane Fate manifests in many different ways. Aisa, the spy master is blotch of water here obscures this paragraph. The seasons of water are so rough on letters. in the future. 

The only bright spot this month is the Northern plan. Breadroll Girl is on a Roll! I will do my part and investigate Gold Faction’s plans. 


P.S. Aisa, please understand my rejection was of marriage, not of you. Also, feel free to ignore my courting request if you wish. It was my grandfather’s idea. I will not be offended. 

Also, your instincts are right about Nadrian. He is an ass. I watched that smug bastard bully all the other children on the plantation where I grew up. I was much older than him so I avoided his attentions. The blessings of the Dragons came early upon him. Between that and his ability to charm the adults, Nadrian got away with everything short of murder.