Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Resplendent Air - Cathak Titus #2

Resplendent Air 26, RY 767

House of Bells, Blessed Isle

Before I left the Imperial City, I played gateway with Seus Natan. It was a close game, but I beat him.

The following letter is a blow by blow account of Titus’ game with Sesus Natan. Members of the conspiracy will see the following:

After my Calibration holiday, it’s time to get back to work. I’ve spent the past weeks on a ship to Arjuf. Usually I ride by horse, but I’ve been assigned to the Trial of Sesus Patik. Whispering Twilight and his officer should recognize his name. The list of crimes Patik committed was rather… colorful. A good Immaculate boy should not be up to such activities. Thank you, Whispering Twilight, for making my job more interesting. I’ll be sure to drop by your friend’s latrines to leave a large dump in thanks.

I did run into a bit of a hassle as I arrived at the Legion camp yesterday. The guards caught Breadroll Girl’s elemental tailing me. I had an uncomfortable time explaining why I had an elemental companion. I made up a story of lovely young Air Aspect sorcerer I met during Calibration. Do not worry, Breadroll Girl, I did not name any names. No rumors of a dalliance with this unexalted lawyer will sully yours. Unfortunately, your elemental was dispelled. Do not bother sending another one. With such security, I believe I am safe from immaterial spies. 

While at the House of Bells, I found Tepet Ejava’s orders. It was a dead end; Regent Tepet Fokuf signed them. That man would sign his own death warrant if it were put in front of him. I’ll do more digging here and send an update next month.

As Akashan wrote, we will not be able to negotiate our way to the throne. Aisa, it is to your credit that you want to avoid war. It has been called the sport of royalty and we do not want an Empress who loves the thrill of bloodshed. Yet we do need an Empress that willing to pay the cost of war when necessary. Tepet Ejava may step aside for a strong contender, but Mnemon will not give up the throne without a fight. I know you idolize your grandmother, Aisa, but she is a barrier to your ascension to the throne. If you truly wish to be Empress, you will be forced to make some hard choices. 

These are harsh words, but I wish to end any illusions you or anyone else has of a peaceful outcome. While history may consider the Seven Tigers traitors, they were Shogunate officers just like the Scarlet Empress was. As the Scarlet Empress did, you will have to win the throne though blood. Breadroll Girl, if you are not prepared to do this, then this conspiracy will need to find another candidate to support. 


P.S. Aisa – In the Interest of Cooperation, I should inform you, the book you recovered for Mnemon will not arrive at its destination. I could not stop my associates from reclaiming it. I hope that doesn’t ruin your plans. If I do find the new location of the book, I will let you know.