Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Descending Water - Mnemon Aisa #2

To whom it may concern among House Ferem,

I am writing to you with some concern for the property I recently acquired in the north. With all the fighting going on, it has been hard to learn any accurate details as to the true state of affairs. Is it true that House Tepet has promised to end the system of drugs and chains engulfing the coast? If so, I can only laude their efforts to improve conditions for…

(Aisa goes on at some length in this vein, mixing commercial and humanitarian concerns with over the situation up north. No one will be fooled by the cover latter – anyone who can intercept the mail knows she's wore involved in these events than she lets on – but a letter to to the north could be aimed at almost any agent. Nothing points a finger at Quelaana specifically. Members of the conspiracy will see the following.)

It has come to my attention, based on some of the questions in your letters, that I may have been too wrapped up in my own dealings to give you all a clear view of the bigger picture. This is, to the best of my knowledge, where we currently stand.

The Slave Coasts are now officially owned by House Tepet. They will shortly announce the end of the drug regimen, if they have not done so already. Quelaana, I promised them that this would bring an end to the rebellion – I hope you find yourself in a position to make good on this for me?

The Cynis forces will remain in the area, and their legion will be arriving soon. They do not plan active assistance against Mnemon, though the mere threat of their presence may be enough. If their active intervention is required, let me know and I will attempt to arrange their activation. I have little direct influence over the affair in the North – it is out of my hands. Let me know if there is anything you require and I will arrange it.


With that said, the time is ripe for a review of the Realm as a whole.

  • House Cathak will follow Cathak Cainan. I will be meeting with him in the coming month, and believe they will fall in line behind us. I will know more next month.
  • House Cynis has tentatively thrown their support behind me. There is reason to believe this will firm up when I reveal myself publicly.
  • House Ledaal's move with Kes is a surprise, but I share their concerns about the state of Creation and its adjoining realms and believe we can work together. I will be inviting him to my birthday celebration next month. Akashan, can you please ensure that he attends?
  • House Mnemon is our enemy, no doubt about that. I will speak with my parents to see if they or any of the branch houses may be pried away from Mnemon, but I am not hopeful. Grandmother rules her house with a firm hand.
  • House Nellens is another possible ally. Having now befriended two of the weaker houses (Tepet and V'Neef), I hope to use that reputation of supporting the weak as an inroad. If you could please recommend a pair of movers and shakers in your house, Ryu, I will approach them in the coming month.
  • House Peleps may be one of our enemies, given that I do not intend to concede any of V'Neef's maritime privileges and have no other inroads or contacts with them.
  • House Ragara is likely to ally with Mnemon, all the more so because I harbor more than a little dislike for them and their connections with the Guild. Ryu or Carmela, feel free to make overtures of your own, but I will not spend my time here. Let them be shut out.
  • House Sesus is an interesting case. The common wisdom is that they are little more than a brutal extension of House Mnemon, but I believe there is more going on here. My intention is to speak with the branches individually, rather than the house as a whole. Not in the coming month (I have quite enough on my plate already), but soon. The lines of Alon and Denerid in particular seem promising, for their morality and connections with Cynis respectively.
  • House Tepet will be our ally, because they have no other choice and because we are helping them already. Qualaana, it would be helpful if you could learn of the Roseblack what persuasions will be helpful to convince her to abandon her imperial aspirations.
  • House V'Neef does not know I intend to be Empress, but they will follow when I ask them. They know Mnemon will not be kind.
  • The All-Seeing-Eye has, as far as I know, not made their intentions clear. Carmela, your father has contacts there – can you follow up with on those and at least learn where they stand?
  • The Immaculate Order will, I hope, follow Cathak Cainan's lead rather than Mnemon's. They are vitally important, but I have no attention to spare for them yet.
  • The Thousand Scales is not a unified body, and unless my impressions are much mistaken, will shatter along party lines when the strain grows great. It will be well worth our time to speak with some of the more important figures soon. The master of the Imperial Purse, for example.
  • The unaffiliated legions are a wild card. I have no leverage and no information. If anyone has spare time (hah!) this is an area to look into.
  • Non-humans are another area I have neither knowledge on nor opinion of. Akashan, let it be left to your judgment for now – I am certainly open to changing policies if you can recommend some that might bring them into the fold.


The Realm is large, and it is impossible to keep track of everything from my current position without staff or official position. Please let me know if there are power-centers I have forgotten, or if there is additional information regarding the houses I should be aware of.

Yours in forward thinking and in forethought,

— Mnemon Aisa