Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

Ry 767 Descending Water - Ledaal Catala Akashan

Being the Twelfth Day of Water, Descending, Seven-Hundred and Sixty-Seventh Year of Our Realm
Some Dragon's-Forsaken Ruin in some Dragon's-Forsaken Jungle

Friends, please join me in mourning my cousin Chemalma, cruelly murdered and impersonated by one of the moon-mad. I confess I suspected nothing of this until "she" attacked me upon uncovering her sabotage.

The letter continues to describe the various things the "impersonator" did as well as praising the qualities of the "real" Chemalma. Conspirators see the following

I apologize for the rhetoric in the cover letter, letters from the East are heavily censored so I was proactive in making sure nothing was altered for the sake of the cypher.

Well, Chemalma is dead, but it was no Lunar's doing. She was trying to gain exclusive access to the artifacts of the fallen Dragon Kings and to use their strange magic for wealth and power, though it seems she had little insight in their true nature or use. Worse, she tricked me into funding this scheme for months! It is thankful that my brother accompanied me as it was only his actions that saved me. All things considered, he seems to have enjoyed himself immensely on this trip. Perhaps he has found his calling as an adventure-archeologist when his time with the legions is done.

There is some good news. I have made contact with an actual Dragon King, and one who is amenable to cooperation with me. I hope to explore this relationship further when possible.


There is another problem, and this one far greater. Ledaal Kes means to take the throne. He does not want it, but feels he has no choice if the Realm is to survive. Worse, it is not political concerns that motivate him. The Underworld is stirring. It seems the charnal lords share my opinions about infrastructure. They are building up "cathedral" workshops and arming themselves for war. Were I not already sworn to Aisa his arguments and sincerity would have moved me.

I cannot recommend enough that we bring him to our side. Not only will his efforts pull resources from my own, but what he is doing is necessary.


One more spot of good news, I have assembled a core of nascent magitechnicians, sorcerer engineers who can begin to equip our forces when we have them and far more rapidly than anyone else would suspect possible.

Ryo, how go efforts to reclaim that manse? That pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and that is the last of them.

Aisa, have you given any thoughts to the status of the pre-humans in your Realm? With the proper concessions integrating them will be a source of strength for all of us. Moreover, their assistance in the arms buildup could be immensely helpful but I do not wish to make promises I cannot keep.

In Faith, Fire, and Blood,
Ledaal Catala Akashan