Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Descending Water - Ferem Quelaana

Fear not friends,
I managed to get out of the city before the fighting started by joining a guild caravan that had the same idea.

The rest of the letter talks about how a lot of the non-natives got together to leave and have a mini social gathering. Conspirators will read the following.

This letter will be comparatively short as most of the month was me helping lead a revolt/invasion on Amber River. Roseblack and I debated for a good long time about if we should invade at all. We eventually agreed on something middle of the ground only to be surprised with Cynis doing an unconditional surrender and saying they need a few weeks to clear out of. You guys wouldn’t happen to know why they’re giving up so easily suddenly?

The only real losses we had been to the rioting civilians but we managed to keep them from being too bad. Our Art Dealer friend showed me the house where the majority of the opium was, I still don’t trust him but he seems helpful for now. Darkest Dawn was most helpful in van guarding the army and I had Carmela’s contingent she sent over to help the wounded and pick off stragglers. I can’t seem to find Helkar or his ship worryingly; I’ll have to look for him in the oncoming month.

A very Fancy signature of “Ferem Quelaana” is here

p.s. How does the Realm feeling about this going on? I fear a bigger house will do something more drastic now that attention is away from them.