Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Descending Water - Cathak Titus


How dare you slander my reputation? I am not short. 5 foot 6 inches is well within the average height of an adult male. This height is still within the qualifications needed to join the legions. 

The letter goes on and on about the various legion height qualifications. Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following:

You should be thanking me. You should be worshiping the fucking ground I walk on, instead of making jabs at my height. Because I saved our asses.

I have not made much of my grandfather’s new found interest me in. Instead of offering me any assistance, he instead imparts me knowledge he thinks I will need when I exalt. I have sat though Legion Briefings on misuse of horse manure more interesting than this topic. Usually, I would ask my mentor for help in such situations, but I rather not get him involved. Not with Mnemon’s spymaster’s threat looming over us.

Yet, I have made the most of the situation. I am attempting to make friends among the Bronze Faction. Dangerous, if my relationship with Ryo is discovered, but we need information. Right now, I trust them more than I trust the Gold Faction at this point. Also, if my mentor does decide to reveal the Spymaster’s games, they may protect me. I considered exposing the Spymaster’s plan myself. Only the question on how I came upon the information stopped me. I don’t want to you in danger, Breadroll girl.

I do not know the Bronze Faction’s plans, as they will not let me into their inner circle for a few millennia. But this brings me to the good part of the story. I overheard a few members discussing Mnemon’s naval operations. I knew I needed to get more information, so I took a page out of Ryo’s book and asked one of the Bronze Faction members to tea. I said I had some questions about the Immaculate Texts and heard she was an expert on the subject.

I won’t bore you with the details about our little tea party but I got the information I needed and then some. I raced to Ryo’s office in the Imperial City. I told him what I found out. That Mnemon planned on using Aisa’s reputation to destroy the Roseblack and take the throne. The problem was getting the information to Aisa before she sealed the deal. She was nowhere near a Heaven’s gate and neither Ryo and I could speak on the Wind. We split our efforts. I went to get a hold of Carmela and Ryo hurried to find Akashan. 

Now, we need a fleet. Mnemon will not give up and sail home easily. I have no ties to House Peleps and I doubt I will be able to get my grandfather to move against Mnemon. Not without reason. 

I’ll keep my ears open for more information.