Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

Ry 767 - Descending Air - Quelaana Ferem #2

Descending Air, 14, Realm year 767
Cherak, North

Dearest Catala, I'm afraid my knowledge of dragon kings is limited. Xiuhcoatl is merely a Cynis Dragon-blooded that's had dealing with Dragon-kings enough to be familiar with their language. Between Xiuhcoatl and Mai I can tell you the basics and some about the culture though. Supposedly Dragon-kings are far more in tune with the cycle of reincarnation and their religion stems from being always able to remember their past lives, Barring a bigger presence in the north than I was expecting I'm told they like to live in the city of the gods and so have more station than most know.
Dragon kings apparently differ in size and structure depending on the direction of creation they live in, I only know of their build in the north which is about 5 feet tall and an enormous wingspan, they seem to be natural scholars as they hoard magitech knowledge if you let them. not sure how true this is but I'm also told these northern dragon-kings have abilities to deal with spirits, their domains, and have super human senses. Mai claims they can shape shift but this feels like anathema propaganda trickling on other lesser liked races personally.

ooc: they can shape shift kinda with the disguise/stealth path.