Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

Ry 767 - Descending Air - Quelaana Ferem #1

Descending Air, 6, Realm year 767
Cherak, North

Tialli Friends, (dragon-king for greetings)

I’ve been working on a new play inspired by my Uncle Helkar; I was hoping I could get critique from a non-actor. Feel free to skim if it’s too much.

The following is a rough draft of a script for a play about the captain of a naval squadron that’s sent out to find the Fabled Volcanic Island in the middle of the Steam Tides. (Splinters of the wyld pg.12)

I’ve had quite a busy month my compatriots. I’ve finally found the leader of the Stygian Cross gang (Halvor Vreim) and with a heated argument I discovered that he was gang pressed into attempting an assassination by having his son captured and threatened to be sold into Slavery. We agreed he would stop if I saved his son.

Through my contacts I found the warehouse that had dozens of slaves being held prisoner and drugged to be kept docile. The guards didn’t stand a chance; they were so overwhelmed they quickly surrendered after suffering a few casualties. After capturing the Guild personnel station there I killed a few and let the rest go as statement. On a comedic side note the slave master did end up getting the worst wedgie of his life. Turns out all of the slaves were children with most being sent to a Haven run by a fellow dragon, came back with me to the theatre, and a lucky few were returned to their families.

After wards, I learned my Uncle Helkar returned from a tour dealing with some raksha. I decided to visit him and we had a pleasant afternoon drinking and being rambunctious. His weariness of the Realm is obvious, but I feel he will become a great ally in time.

I then had the duty of reporting about Halvor Vreim to the Roseblack. The lieutenant I usually go to went by the name of Tepet Angora and wanted to question the Halvor. Angora wanted to try Halvor in Legion court. Knowing that would be a death sentence I managed to get a plea bargain if Halvor could give us something useful, he did.

Turns out the man responsible for this blackmailing went by an alias of “Xiuhcoatl”. I was lucky enough for Mai, my assistant, to be paranoid about obscure supernaturals and was told this a dragon king name. I ignored Mai's warnings of arctic Pelagials. After some long and incredibly droll investigations we found out there were five people going by that name, seriously, how?! Thank the gods(maidens? Dragons?) his aspect markings gave him away as a Cynis agent or I’d still be questioning the lot of them.

Xiuhcoatl’s arrogance would ultimately be his undoing and I’ve been slowly turning him into a double agent, turns out he’s grown dependent on his decadence and blowing his cover would make him go into a serious withdrawal of the luxuries he’s taken for granted. Be wary, Xiuhcoatl seemed to be acting without direct orders. It wouldn’t be unheard of for other higher ups to not have as much a tight grip on their underlings as we think.

Lastly, when capturing Xiuhcoatl I found a Golden paper crane in his place. I will investigate further upon this. Until then, best of luck in your adventures.

A very fancy signature of “Quelaana Ferem” is written here