Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Descending Air - Nellens Ryo #2

The Third Day of Descending Air, RY 767
Imperial City, Blessed Isle

Dear Friends,

The end of winter is a cheerless time for our family. In preparation of the spring plantings, my wife has returned to her family’s vineyard in the Pahua Basin. While ours is a political marriage, both Saveria and I have come to an understanding over the years and I find our home empty without her here. The children always miss her while she is gone, yet the educational opportunities in the Imperial City are better suit for the girls than what is available in the rural areas of the Blessed Isle.

Ryo gives his opinions on the various education institutions of the Blessed Isle. The rest of the conspiracy will see the following: 

Aisa and Akashan, I cannot express how grateful I am for your assistant with the slave issue. I have spent many sleepless nights worrying I sentence those poor people to death. I do not know how I could have lived with myself if the worse had occurred.

I believe I owe you an explanation for Titus. I have known Cathak Titus since we met in the Spiral years ago. I was a senior when he was a freshman. We both were working on a mind numbing project to reorganize the filing of the Legion Rolls. He stood out to me because, unlike most unexalted Dynasts, Titus didn’t seem disappointed he didn’t exalt. He seemed to have an understanding of the responsibility of being Dragonblooded and was glad it passed him over. Titus considered following his cousins into the Legions, but decided he could do more in the Thousand Scales. As a member of House Nellens, Exaltation was a slim possibility for me. We kept in correspondence over the years and I consider him my closest friend. Not long after our Empress’ disappearance, I lost touch with Titus. After I moved to the Imperial City, Titus showed up on my doorstep. I was delighted to have my old friend back. Perhaps it is because he knows me so well both professionally and personally, he is the only person who discovered my Exaltation. While he may be tactless and brash, I vouch for Cathak Titus.

While Titus may be my closest friend, we do not agree on all subjects. I, like Aisa, hope to avoid war. War will do nothing but divide us and weaken us. The Realm needs to be strong to defend Creation from its enemies. While Titus believes war is impossible to avoid, I hope the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy achieve do the impossible and enable a peaceful transition of power. I admit Mnemon is a roadblock to this goal, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

This month, I have the dubious pleasure of sitting in on a session of the Deliberate. I managed to get a seat next to Nellens Pala, a great aunt of mine and one of the few Dragonblooded in House Nellens. Pala was gracious enough to explain to me all the complex procedural details. She seemed to be pleased I am taking an interest in politics. She offered to recommend me for a seat in the Lower House. I turned her down, pleading I wanted to observer the goings on before deciding if I wanted to join this mad house. She laughed and said all of the sane family members always turn her down.

Carmela, news of your Magistrate’s attack has made it to the Imperial City and the Deliberate. All the Deliberate seems to agree “something must be done” with the bandit problem, yet no one agrees on what that “something” is. It seems to me each member of the House is jockeying to get something out of the situation instead of actually fixing the situation. It’s all very frustrating and I mentioned this to Aunt Pala. Unfortunately, a member of house Ledaal overheard me and prompted me to speak in front of the whole upper house of the Deliberate. Pala tried to save me by saying I was not a member of the Deliberate. The woman from House Ledaal wanted to see what a mortal from House Nellens could do. There is protocol for nonmembers to speak, so I had no choice but to defend the honor of my House.

I stand up and take the stage. All the Dragonblooded members of the Upper House of the Deliberate stare at me. I have never been the strongest public speaker and I am doubly terrified at speaking due to my Anathema status. I clear my throat and my mouth is dry. I reach for the glass of water in front of me, but pull back my hand when I remember that is the Speaker’s glass. I do not think he’d appreciate me drinking from it.

I take a deep breath and I speak. As satisfying as it would be, I realize chastising the Deliberate will win me no friends ( Instead I suggest the Magistrate hire mercenaries to take care of the situation. The Deliberate can authorize a budget for this purpose. It would bring funds into the area and increase general employment, which in my opinion is the root cause of banditry. I do not say a budget bill will allow Deliberate members to fund their own pet projects. I’m sure they could figure that out on their own.

As I sit down, I laugh. Pala thinks it is from relief, but actually I realized that I am no better than the rest of the rabble. I turned the situation to my own ends. Carmela, you may want to start recruiting some mercenaries. The demand for mercenaries will soon increase.

As I leave the Deliberate house, I am approached by my old Spiral professor and current father-in-law, Ragara Amado. He was impressed by my performance in the Deliberate and was overjoyed by my suggestion. I could see the gears turning in his head – he owns much property in the Pahua basin and could use this budget request to add some line items for his benefit. I suggest he look into some infrastructure improvements for the area ( Better roads would help the defense of the area. He nods and agrees absentmindedly. I’m sure he already thought of the same idea. On an impulse, I invite him over for dinner (ttp:// Amado hasn’t seen his grandchildren since Shu was a toddler. Amado agrees and tonight my father-in-law will be dining with us. I will give you details about the dinner in my next letter.

Wish me luck.

Nellens Ryo

PS. Aisa- Zara is delighted that you wish to correspond with her. You should be receiving her first letter shortly. I am also reassured that you have taken an interest in her. I am glad Zara will have someone to trust, if my situation falls apart here.

Carmela – Should you encounter my wife in your goings, please know that she is unaware of my status as a Solar. I would prefer she not know.