Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Descending Air - Nellens Ryo #1

The First Day of Descending Air, RY 767
Imperial City, Blessed Isle


This letter discusses the latest Gateway rankings and how Titus is an idiot if he believes Ledaal Kes will lose the Semifinals. Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following:

Have you lost your mind!? Do you remember Mnemon Aisa is a powerful sorceress? Why would you aggravate her? Do you want her to turn your blood into acid or whatever sorcerers do for fun? I assumed you didn’t need a reminder, but here it is: You are mortal, Titus. You probably should think twice before advising a Dragonblooded to murder her own grandmother. 


PS Also, please don’t call our future Empress “Breadroll Girl”. It’s disrespectful.