Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 - Descending Air - Cathak Titus

Descending Air 22, RY 767

House of Bells, Blessed Isle


This letter apologizes for overloading your with information about Gateway. Of course, as novice, you will grow bored with Titus's letters. Titus begins to explain some basics in Gateway, so you will know what he is talking about next time. Members of the Conspiracy will see the following letter instead:

I should apologize for my last letter. I was an ass and I have no excuse for my actions. I apologize directly to you, Aisa. I meant to jog you to action and went too far. I hope the book will make up for my harsh words. I spent the past few weeks search Creation for a new copy. I found it in a little book store tucked in a corner of Sijan. 

Now, I will explain how I was able to buy a book in Sijan and still make it back to the House of Bells by the afternoon. Aisa thinly veiled accusations of my status as an Exalt are premature. I am still mortal… for now. As there are Exalts of the Sun and Moon, there are Exalts of the Maidens. And I am destined to become one of them.

Despite my great grandfather being Cathak Cainan, I was never expected to become Dragonblooded. My father was a Lost Egg and my mother mortal. To be honest, I was relieved to not have to carry the burden of Dragonblooded. I did not what the fate of Creation in my hands. My family sent me to the Spiral and there I studied Law. I joined the legions not as a soldier but as a Judicial Advocate. Though in my time in the Legions, I find little Justice to be had. Those with power and money get away with murder. Good honest officers are discharged for misfiled paperwork. After the Scarlet Empress disappeared, corruption increased. The antics of Whispering Twilight and his friend are mild compared to what I have seen.

Ryo, you have often asked where I was for the two years I disappeared. I never answered your questions because I did not want to lie to you. Yet, I have discovered that evasion is another form of lie. I did not mean to abuse your trust.

One night, not long after the Empress disappeared, I was in my office studying my caseload for the next day. A mysterious man entered my office. Now, I knew this man. Though I had no clue what his name was, he would often drop by to check up on me as I was growing. I assumed he was a relative of my father. Or worse, a figment of my imagination as no one else I knew ever saw him. The man, who I will refer to as my mentor, would ask how I was doing and how my studies were going. 

And he always brought food. My mentor is obsessed with food or rather with the cooking of food. He would come with a large basket. In the basket, you could find anything from simple rice balls to exotic delicacies I had never heard of. Most of our conversations revolved around food. Rather, he talked and I ate. His obsession lent credence to the idea he was a relative. Relatives feed you. As I grew older, I realized he was lonely. No one would eat his food, which was a crime. My mentor is the best cook I know. It was not until later I realized why no one would trust his food.

That night my mentor sat down and explained his interest in me. I was fated to be Chosen by Saturn. As another Chosen of Endings, he was assigned to watch over me and prepare me for my Exaltation. The original plan was to leave me in my Dynast life for a few more years, but now I was to be taken to Yu-Shan for further training. The disappearance of the Scarlet Empress had spooked our associates. They needed all the help they can get, even from mortals like me. 

Yu-Shan. Who can describe the City of Gods? I remember my first moments in Yu-Shan. It was midnight when we left, yet in Yu-Shan it was high noon. As a Dynast, I lived in the lap of luxury. Yu-Shan made the Imperial City look like a shanty town. Tall buildings of glass and orichalcum gleamed in the light of the Unconquered Sun. We walked through the market and my neck ached from all the exotic products. It was overwhelming.

After the urban heights of downtown Yu-Shan, my mentor’s manse was like a jungle. Behind the high walls was a lush garden. My mentor warned me not to touch any of the plants. He led me to what he called a “cottage”. This cottage was the largest and most lavish building I have ever seen. It rivaled the Cathak house. He fed me, gave me tea, and sent me to bed as if I was a child. I did not expect to sleep, but the tea sent me to a dreamless sleep. 

That first meal was the last time I trustingly shared food with my mentor. For I soon discovered he was an expert poisoner. Though he did keep a separate kitchen garden, the plants in the main garden were deadly. Though he offered many times, I resisted learning the secrets of his trade. He would take my refusal with a smile. “Perhaps next time.” 

I spent the next two years learning the secrets of the Bureau of Destiny. As I learned more, I began to believe I was more suited for a Chosen of Mars, instead of Saturn. I keep such thoughts to myself. Once they thought I was ready, they let me return to my normal life. I was expected to accompany my mentor on his missions. I have grown to dread his arrival. Afterwards I return to the Legions as nothing happened. 

Perhaps I am mad and there is no hidden Exalts of the Maidens. Yet it is a relief to discuss my double life. As destiny is in flux after the disappearance of the Scarlet Empress, it is unknown when I will exalt. Which brings me to the reason why I joined this conspiracy. Creation is going to change and I am not going to sit idle and wait for Saturn to get off her ass and Exalt me. I need to do something now. I could throw my lot with one of the various political groups among my associates, but like my mentor, I do not trust them. I rather put my trust in the members of this Conspiracy. I believe in not Solars or Dragonblooded but in individuals.

As for what I can bring to the conspiracy, despite my status as a mortal, I can send you information about my associates. They will be our biggest obstacle to a Solar Friendly Empress. They are the power behind the Immaculate Order and the Wyld Hunt. I have also done what I could to hide this conspiracy from their prying eyes. 

I also can move around Creation easily. There are Yu-Shan gates all over Creation. For me, the Imperial City is a boat ride away from the House of Bells. I do not like to use this form of transportation often. Such quick travel attracts the wrong type of attention. 

I hope this letter gets to you in one piece. Information about my associates can become garbled.