Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Descending Air - Carmela Contarini


So I heard a rumor about some sort of new Realmster project called a Bear Cavalry. As far as I can tell there's literally no reason for it to be a thing (this lot don't really… do cavalry much?) but for some reason the idea of it won't die.

This calls for INVESTIGATIONS. Here's what I know so far…

The rest of the letter exhaustively details the rumored attributes and exploits of said Bear Cavalry. Many of said attributes and exploits are incredibly spurious when they are not outright contradictory; special request is made of the Cheraki addressee on the possibility of meeting this Bear Cavalry with some sort of Penguin Infantry. Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following:

Well! You lot have sure been busy. Chosen of the Maidens and meetings with heads of houses and freeing slaves and poking at the Imperial Manse and bears oh my!

I spent a lot of time drinking.

Well. That's only half true.

I also grabbed an adorable young dragon and rode him until his legs gave out?

I can hear the sounds of not being impressed. Okay. Fine. If you want to get technical I bought a mercenary company that was a half-step away from outright banditry, found an able lieutenant who literally everyone in the Realm has passed over as not worth the trouble (who was also a half-step away from outright banditry. Let me tell you, the Deliberative would start paying a shit ton more attention to my little corner of the Isle if old legionary veterans started becoming highwaymen to survive). Oh, gained the favor of the magistrate from the prior letter, and the animosity of his nephew (aforementioned adorable young dragon) who apparently wants to be the favorite instead of me. Silly boy thinks it's a competition. I'm going to enjoy breaking him in.

Still, we're approaching a clutch of dragons here together the with core of what might be a legion, given time and money. Does "Legion Magisterial" have a nice ring to it, or does that sound too ominous? I forget what the naming scheme of actual legions is.

Still, whether the force ends up being needed to defend the Imperial Manse or to just parade about and look pretty, rest assured I'll be ready. (Hopefully it's the former; it would take a lot to get my new lieutenant, the venerable Peleps Lili, to look pretty.)

There's a lot to digest in your letters, so I'll probably wind up giving someone the business for keeping secrets from their wife, or not mentioning an entire class of Exalted that can ruin all our plans and probably want to, or for having made friends with underground-people and not even mentioning what they drink, but that'll have to wait. Geno Jin is starting to wake up and I'm going to go for another round just to make sure he understands who's boss.

It's me. I'm boss. Damn I feel good.

Have fun!
Carmela Contarini