Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Ascending Water - Ferem Quelaana

Ascending Water, 23, Realm year 767
Cherak, North

Oh I’ve had the craziest hunting trip this month friends.
The letter goes on to describe how Quelaana and her Uncle found a Lunar and had to run away for their lives. Members of the conspiracy see the following.

This has been a hell of a month for me, and I fear you might hear of my exploits before these letters in the upcoming months. I did in fact go on a hunting trip with my uncle Helkar looking for a rumored Snow lion; Turns out that was a lunar’s totem. I managed to save the Handsome Lunar by telling him where to hide with wind carried words. I met him at that hideout and he told me his name was Darkest Dawn.

My second task was learning more about this mystical Golden Paper crane. Naturally I ended up going to Peleps Hideki (the northern Magistrate spymaster) and surprisingly he had never seen anything like it before. Hideki ended up sending me to a Book collector. I’m honestly having trouble remembering much about it him even though he seemed to know something about the crane and even gave me a tip about the next upcoming assassination attempt on the Roseblack.

Through the noble efforts of our very own Titus I’ve found out who’s moved the Roseblack to the north. Apparently it was Cathak Cainan trying to split up the candidates and keep them busy to avoid the Civil war we all fear. Titus did say he wasn’t 100% sure it was all Cainan but he definitely was a big player in this. Titus, feel free to correct me on this as letters can only convey so much information.

With these two revelations I demanded an audience with Roseblack and things went well at the start. I don’t know what happened but when we planned to counter ambush the assassin he flat out wasn’t there. I don’t know if it was a bad tip, the assassin had spies, or some weird stealth magic got him out of there but it made me look stupid. I know he’s still out there and I’m worried my next warnings will be ignored.

I saved the biggest news for last; I sent Xiuhcoatl to spy on the Cynis to find any information I could about them. Xiuhcoatl is not nearly as good a spy as I thought apparently. I was sent his ear and managed to contact him with wind carried words. Xiuhcoatl lied about escaping and lured me to Amber River for an ambush. I took the bait for I needed his information either way. I ended up in a grueling fight with five dragon-blooded at once. The bastards were trying to wear me down with attrition tactics but they simply couldn’t track my weighted robes so I eventually defeated them. Out of essence and breath Xiuhcoatl was saved and told me how a Cynis elder was headed to Amber River. In an attempt to clean house they’re planning on murdering everyone with a hint of suspicion for working with the Bloody hand. The Rebellion may have to happen quicker than I was hoping.

With Regards, a very fancy Signature of “Ferem Quelaana” is written here