Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Ascending Air - Whispering Twilight

The Seventh Day of Ascending Air, RY 767
Arjuf, South

Dear Readers,

I must impress upon you the interesting features of the typical plants that surround us in our daily lives…

The letter will go on to describe the quite boring features of the Realm`s most common plants. Those in the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following letter: 

I go by the name Whispering Twilight these days as my original name is unfortunately on the Wyld Hunt`s list of Anathema still at large. I am currently residing outside of Arjuf, in the encampment of the 12th Legion. The life in a camp of soldiers in peace time is quite enjoyable especially as my arrangement with my friend leaves me with plenty of spare time and a small apartment in Arjuf I can utilize when I need privacy for certain aspects of my undertakings. I am writing this while viewing the commercial bustle in the great market of Arjuf from my favorite restaurant. If anyone would want to acquire some rare good, do not hesitate in asking me, it seems this market holds almost whatever one desires.

Currently I am serving as the manservant of a good friend, a most promising officer, who is supportive of a change in Realm leadership and friendly towards other exalts, in the 12th legion with close ties to the general.

I joined this effort because the dangers facing creation cannot be defeated without the realm and the realm cannot succeed if it is to battle both Lunars and Solars while also facing the true enemies of creation. The need for a regime change is of utmost importance.

As our dear accountant, I am also a solar exalted, one of the Unclean ones as the immaculate faith so fondly has named us. In fact, I guess I live up to that reputation in one way. My forte within sorcery is namely the dealings with demons and especially the summoning of them. My lack of access to sorcerous knowledge have so far hampered my study of other areas, but my mastery within sorcery has still reached an advanced stage as I have mastered the celestial circle.

It has been a busy calibration as usual. It is an exquisite time to stock up on useful tools. My trunk`s assortment of tools grows and holds now a solid array of handy solutions to many problems.

My posting in the 12th legion is the first step of many in securing one or more legions that will serve our purposes when the time comes for such measures. I will be working with my close friend and ally on this and on securing influence and insight into the great house Ledaal who`s seat of power is here in Arjuf.

The bureaucracy of the Wyld Hunt and the House of Bells is also located nearby and I think both places should be dealt with in different ways on our path to transforming the Realm. If anyone have any suggestions for them, do share them.

Stay safe and vigilant, the times are treacherous.

Until next time.