Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Ascending Air - Mnemon Aisa

The Seventh Day of Ascending Air, RY 767
The Heptagram, Blessed Isle

Dear Nellens Ryo,

I had a wonderful time meeting your wife and children, and I hope you will not take it amiss if I keep in regular correspondence. Please say hello to them for me. My calibration was anything but quiet – I arrived at the Heptagram on the very last day, and was greeted… enthusiastically… by several of my friends who have not yet graduated.

(The letter fondly describes the antics of V'Neef Iphen, who is considerably more energetic than a kitten. Aisa seems to love flowery language. The true contents are as follows.)

First of all, I wish to thank you all for the immense faith you have shown to put your lives on the line by joining this conspiracy. It is my earnest hope that I will be able to live up to your trust. I beg your indulgence if I repeat information already known, but allow me to introduce myself for the benefit of those I have not had the pleasure of meeting.

I am Mnemon Aisa, Air aspect. My mother is Mnemon Myrel. My grandmother is Mnemon. My great grandmother is the Scarlet Empress. I exalted at the age of 10 years and five months, a mere 8 months older than V'Neef herself. I graduated the Heptagram at the top of my class. I am currently unmarried, and considered one of the most eligible and desirable women in the Realm.

I say these things not as a boast, but because they are true, and because they are relevant, and it is important that we know where we stand. For all of the advantages listed above, I am not a serious political player yet – few people owe me favors, and even fewer consider that I'm powerful enough to grant favors myself. I must prove myself to the Realm as a whole, but before that, I feel I must prove myself to you.

  1. I am not disliked, and there have not been decades or centuries of distrust surrounding my person. I have no notable enemies, and no ugly rumors. There is no one who would rather see the Realm torn apart rather than see me sit on the throne.
  2. I am young. This may not seem like an advantage at first, but consider – the reason Fokuf sits as regent is because no one fears him. The elders and the Great Houses will feel the same about me – though a disadvantage in some ways, my youth is less likely to stir opposition than age and strength would be. Remember, the Scarlet Empress was barely older than I am now when she seized control.
  3. My bloodline and social standing is impeccable. To those not raised in the Realm – as several of you have not been – this may seem like a minor matter, but I assure you it is not. Doors are open to me at a touch that would not budge for Tepet Ejava, no matter how worthy she may be.

If the Scarlet Empress returns, I will not place myself in conflict at odds with her, and I continue to hope for such a joyous event. Failing that, Mnemon would make the best Empress. This I say without uncertainty, having lived in her shadow all of my short life. She deserves it. However, she must not be allowed to let this fact drag the Great Houses into open conflict. I have the greatest respect for Grandmother, but none the less, I have placed myself in your hands for that reason. The Realm must not go to war with itself – this would be a disaster not only for the Dynasty, but also for Creation as a whole.

On a more practical level, I bring sorcerous talents to the conspiracy. I am a guest instructor at the Heptagram, and well liked by many of the students, extending my ability to deliver sorcery beyond my own person, including the foremost library in all of Creation. Many in the Realm do not take proper precautions against immaterial beings.*

*Did you see who delivered this letter? Did you check if my elemental was still here, watching you read? Ai'Zul is quite friendly, and has ensured there are no other spirits present, but please consider doing so yourself in the future. If you do not know how, let me know and I shall send a watcher to keep your secrets secret.

I am also one of Mnemon's agents – I have admired her my whole life, and it was only natural that she should recruit me when I returned from my travels in the threshold. I am currently awaiting my first assignment from her. I hope this connection will give me insight into her plans, as well as the ability to thwart them if circumstances should make it necessary.

— Mnemon Aisa