Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

Ascending Air 17, 767
Imperial City, Blessed Isle

The Following letter talks about Titus’ success in the Gateway Rankings. But here is what it actually says: 

My name is Cathak Titus. I am an assistant judicial advocate in the Realm’s Legions. I make sure the Legion’s officers are not breaking any rules and causing trouble. Also, “Other Duties as Necessary” with is shit. Never accept a job that has that in its description.

Aisa, I would not worry about the Scarlet Empress returning. Some associates of mine searched all over Creation for the woman. Not one trace of her found and they were very through. We’ll probably find her corpse in the Imperial Manse if someone ever cracks that nut.

Ryo mentioned the uneasy mood in the Imperial Court. I can shine some light illuminate the cause of this mood. An old man collapsed in court before Calibration. He was in a coma for a few days and died without waking. The cause of death was old age, so no foul play involved. To be honest, I’m surprised the Court even noticed his death. I cannot tell you much about this man, but his death causes me to fear for the future of not only the Realm but all of Creation.

You won’t be hearing too much from me. I travel a lot with my work and will pass along any information I gain to Ryo. He has a better way with words. Even now, he is looking over my shoulder shouting “Eloquent! Use the word Eloquent!”

He may be Eloquent with his big Spiral Education. Too bad they didn’t teach him to play Gateway properly.


P.S. I’m glad Carmela around to keep all these Solars in line. Gods know they are a handful.