Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

RY 767 Ascending Water - Carmela Contarini

Ascending Water 27, RY 767

My face! It's stolen my face! Is this my punishment from the Dragons?! You have to help me! I'm sending a number of copies of this letter so that even one might get to you…

What follows is a nigh-hysterical letter written in a trembling hand, addressed to a member of the Heptagram, a one Mnemon Aisa. It is long on speculation, short on detail and even shorter on actual knowledge, but the gist is some mishap of mistaken identity which Carmela is very sure is a Lunar Anathema infiltrator at work. Members of the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following:

Okay so! Hope that wasn't too bad of a slog to read through, 'coz someone really has stolen my face. In the sense of impersonating me very closely. Not in the sense that a fae has literally removed it. Here's the breakdown:

-Getting more troops for the Magisterial Legion
-While presenting the troops for a surprise inspection, one of them tried to stab my good friend the Magistrate with a poisoned blade. Obviously I jumped in and took the knife because that's how I do things.
-Cantigaster venom still hurts like hell. Definitely wasn't from the behemoth itself or I wouldn't be writing this letter, but it felt like second-generation. Eastern, rare, expensive, good at killing Dragons. Don't worry about me, I'm made of stronger stuff than that.
-Tracked down where it came from and who bought it. Turns out I did! Or someone making use of my contacts who has obtained an absolutely impeccable disguise of me.
-Found out who hired the assassin. Turns out I did! Or someone working in my name, anyway. Since I haven't been brutally murdered by a Lunar (that I know of), I'm pretty sure this is my sorcerer antagonist at work.

Now, when the Magistrate pursues his own investigations, he's going to find out that I bought the poison, and then made the arrangements to have him killed. It's flimsy, but it will be enough to separate him from his shield and get him brutally murdered and/or put under the sway of some patron of wealth and means who can protect him (who isn't me). This would actually be a pretty nasty trap!

It would be, you know, if I were just a simple Dragon instead of a member of a Realm-spanning conspiracy including some of the highest levers of power and multiple sorcerers. I'd like some advice on what's going on here and what I can do about it. I could have asked Aisa through Wind-Carried-Words, but I'd also like to see who, if anyone, tries to prevent or influence a reply to this letter. If it turns out that, I don't know, the Headmaster or Mnemon or that sultry professor down the hall suddenly has very strong ideas about Threshold Dragons and the tall tales they tell, things could get very interesting. A little trap. We've been sending these letters for a while, might as well start making real use of their special properties.

Quelaana, things seem to be heating up for you quite a bit, and damned if I don't feel like I should do something to help. Any particular need for jade, merchants or mercenaries? I'm not watched as closely as Aisa is, and my contacts can be discreet.

Carmela Contarini