Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

Resplendent Air - Whispering Twilight

Resplendent Air, 10, Realm year 767
Arjuf, South

The letter describes the reason for the vast amount of goods available in Arjuf`s markets.. Those in the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy will see the following letter:

This month has been filled with some interesting events, some progress and a setback thanks to the ineptitude of others.

The Arjuf dominion houses the ancestral home of house Ledaal and many other interesting institutions. I hope to have Ledaal Catala Akashan`s assistance in building my network of contacts in their home dominion. I assume the most important decisions takes place in the Palace of Vines? Some tips of who to get in touch with for building a good contact network would be awesome. 

There has been some progress already as I have impressed a scholar from the Ledaal house on the subject of history of the Salinian School and he invited me to a lunch and lecture on the history of the Siluran School of sorcery. I think he can be a useful contact in the Ledaal household.

My ally, Ledaal Darino, got an opportunity to gain the position of a Dragon Lord in the 12th legion served on a silver platter. Unfortunately for us, his utilization of this opportunity was found lacking. You would think a dynast of the house Ledaal would be able to use damning secrets of others to advance themselves… alas not this one. Therefore, he is on latrine duty the rest of the month instead of advancing in the legion. I look forward to serving him refreshments as he digs the latrine ditches, as the diligent manservant I am.

There are some interesting areas in the Arjuf dominion I have visited recently. Nishim is a small town, which had a successful quarry. After the quarry became unprofitable to run, the towns decline has been fast and certain. It’s been slowly usurped by criminals and these days there are plenty of lowlives making sure its easy to disappear in the small town. The governor, Carver Bear, is very touchy about being blamed for that decline and usually responds with violence if someone blames him for it. Its been aptly called bear baiting and quite fun to watch. If you are ever in Nishim, do check out some of the local bars and you might be lucky to enough to see bear baiting in action.

I have utilized an abandoned house with a cellar for some rituals not suitable in Arjuf city or the legion camp. Always in disguise, an old aged woman does not attract too much attention. After the initial Wyld Hunt, I have developed a habit of wandering around in some form of disguise. Old men and women are often a funny disguise to wear; people usually presume they are harmless beings. Especially the young and rash.

In the coming months, I will be gathering several potent tools that you can lend if you so desire if you need some expertise you lack. I have summoned Naburo, the Stealer of Knowledge. To serve me as my spy when I need some hard to acquire info. Given the latest letter from Quelaana I will dispatch him to discover the employer of the Stygian Cross gang for the assassination attempt on Roseblack.

And if Nellens Ryo could give me all the details he has on the plot to keep Roseblack from returning to the isle? Ill dispatch him after he finds out who ordered the assassination on her, so he can sniff out who have been working to keep her from returning. 

Aisha, I was wondering if you could assist me with gaining access to sorcerous knowledge at the Heptagram? My current access to occult knowledge, especially in terms of sorcery is limited and I would love to delve deeper in my studies. 

Aisha`s point on violence might have been for me. I am working on gaining control of legions for our cause as I dont think a lot of actors will go peacefully once its clear they wont win. I am going to be ready for that. I believe in fighting fire with fire and will be ready to handle all challengers with the necessary means to win. As I dont like loosing. If the opportunity to win peacefully arises, I am not against that. I just think that scenario is extremely unlikely. 

Stay safe and vigilant, the times are treacherous.