Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

Resplendent Air - Ferem Quelaana

Resplendent Air, 9, Realm year 767
Cherak, North

My dear friends you should’ve seen the morning today, the dawn was actually a shade of pink and reflected off the ice and snow in a soft way that didn’t hurt your eyes.

The rest of letter goes on about how Quelaana had the perfect day, those part of the conspiracy see the following.

First off I’d like to say Titus’ suspicions were correct about the Roseblack. Assassins tried to kill her in the middle of my big speech, the gall of such an act! Fear not, for I managed to not only Save Ejava and get a stupendous first introduction, but I recognized this gang, whoever caused this hit has ties with the guild, I wouldn’t know which facetious prince of the earth has that, but I’m sure you guys could find out.

I’m sorry to say but I may have charged our candidate’s elemental five koku for sneaking in my theatre. He seemed a good sport about it and has an adorable confused face; I see why you summon him. I’ll keep him around since Pasiap’s humility requires great essence and mental concentration.

Through my magistrate connections I managed to find a group of slaves in the Amber River Satrapy called the Bloody hand. I’ve begun supplying them in the hopes they will become a foothold in my attempts for an abolitionist movement, I narrowly avoided a faux pas and almost shipped opiate tea. Hymn of Solace, my god mentor, assures me of a Cynis outcaste to where wary slave refugees can hide out. I’ve been sending Rei, my spy, to sneak supplies while I’m gaining the Roseblack’s trust.

As for this state policy thing, I don’t know about the Blessed isle but bloodshed will happen whether I do anything or not. Civilians are constantly being abused and/or murdered in the satrapies; there are two circles of Anathema rampaging up here, one of the biggest shadowlands still churns out undead, and at least two Deathlords are looming. I’m already at war.

With regards, Quelaana 

P.S. If thou’st wondering about the gang’s name it was Stygian Cross, they’re known for performing funerary rights to the slain of friend and foe and have been found to be quite honorable.