What is the Scarlet Sky Conspiracy?

The Scarlet Sky Conspiracy is a group of pragmatic Dragonblooded and Celestial Exalts who wish to set their preferred heir, Mnemon Aisa, on the Scarlet Throne. Each member of the conspiracy was recruited by an Anathema Nellens Patrician. This Anathema has remained hidden on the Blessed Isle for many years. Though Anathema magic, Nellens Ryo sent up a system for conspiracy members to correspond though letters. Though a series of letters, the conspiracy will coordinate their activities to see a Solar-friendly Empress on the throne.

What is an Epistolary Game?

An Epistolary Game is where each player plays in their own location, yet share a common goal. The PCs share no scenes and have no contact with the other players except though letters. Each PC has actions they wish to accomplish over a certain in-game time period (A month in this game). They send these actions to the ST, who replies back with complications to the player's actions. The player decides how their character solves these complications. The character then writes a letter to their fellow PCs, explaining what they did over the course of the month and how they forwarded the PC circle's goals.

The players have almost complete control over the NPCs and location. They are basically a mini ST in their own location. The ST only provides the main goal of the game and the complications. A game of this type seems to solve many of the issues in a Play by Post game. Combat can take place but will be summarized in the letters, thus players will not lose interest due to weeks long combat scenes. There are no scenes to be run, so if a player disappears, you can skip over them in the letter cycle.

Where to find the letters?

All Game Letters are posted on the Onyx Path Play by Post forum.  

Scarlet Sky Conspiracy

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